Palladium on Carbon Catalysts & their Typical Applications

Catalyst Grades Palladium Content Typical Application
300Z 2.0%, 2.5%,
3.0%, 5.0%
Carbonyl reduction
Dehalogenation C-N and C-O cleavage
Aromatic and aliphatic nitro / nitroso group hydrogenation
300V 2.0%, 2.5%
3.0%, 5.0%
C-N and C-O cleavage
Reduction of Olefins To Paraffin's
390Z 2.0%, 2.5%, 3.0%
5.0%, 10.0%
Rosenmund reduction
Rosin disproportionation
Reductive alkylation / amination aromatic nitro group hydrogenation
Hydrogenation of acetylene and olefins to Paraffin
Hydrogenation of aromatic aldehyde and ketones to alcohol
390V 2.0%, 2.5%, 3.0%
5.0%, 10.0%
153V 20% Pd(OH)2 carbon
(Palladium content : 15.2%)
Pearlman's Catalyst Palladium content : 20% Debenzylation at low temperatures and low pressure

Note :

➣ Different Grade No's of catalysts are on account of different grades of activated charcoal used and different techniques adopted at the time of making the catalyst.
➣ All the above Catalysts can also be supplied in wet form with 50% water.

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