Grades of Raney Nickel Catalyst (Active) and their Typical Applications

Grades Applications
RNP Nitro to amino
Oxime to amine
Carbonyl to alcohol
Debenzylation ring hydrogenation
RNM Aldehyde to alcohol
Saturation of olefinic double bond
RNK Dehydrogenation (Can withstand high temp for longer period)
RNK-F Dextrose to sorbitol
Nitriles to amines with higher recycles
Ammonolysis of alcohol
(1,6 Hexanediol to hexamethylene diamine)

Special Grades of Raney Nickel with Promoters / Raney Nickel catalyst for Desulphurization
[Tailor made catalysts specific to the reaction can also be supplied against specific request]

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