Bis (dibenzylideneacetone) palladium (0)

Bis (dibenzylideneacetone) palladium (0)

CAS No. 52409-22-0

This is an intermediate product for Palladium (0) bis(dibenzylideneacetone)

Mol. Formula : (C17H14O)2 Pd

Appearance : Reddish brown powder

Minimum Metal Content : 18.3%

Bis (dibenzylideneacetone) palladium (0) is useful as a catalyst for allylation of stabilized anions as well as for carbonylation of alkenyl and aryl halides. It is prepared by adding sodium acetate to a hot methanolic solution of dibenzylideneacetone and Na2(Pd2Cl6) It is stable in soolid state.

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