Recycling Of The Catalyst

Recycling Of The Catalyst
After the hydrogenation is over the catalyst may have still retained substantial activity, For the reasons of economics it is therefore worthwhile to examine possibility of reuSing the catalyst. In case the catalyst has retained significant part of its original activity, the catalyst should be seperated from the products of reaction in such a manner so that there is no further loss In its activity, The catalyst so separated can be used for hydrogenation of a fresh lot of the same product. Some quantity of fresh catalyst should also be introduced to make up for the reduced activity of the used catalyst. When the activity of the used catalyst goes down by more than 50% of original activity, it is considered as spent catalyst and such a catalyst should be sent to Vineeth Precious Catalysts Pvt, Ltd. for its reactivation.

Further, when the reuse of the catalyst is not permitted, the catalyst should be directly sent to Vineeth PrecIous Catalysts Pvt, Ltd, for reprocessing, Care should be taken to ensure that catalyst sent to Vineeth for ItS regeneration is in wet form and not dry.

Note: Catalyst used for hydrogenation of one product should never be reused for hydrogenation of another product.

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