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At Vineeth Precious Catalyst Pvt. Ltd., all activities are done as per prescribed procedures, which are time tested so as to achieve trustworthy outcome in the first instance
Specifications have been laid down for each and every raw material as well as finished products. No raw material will be accepted unless found conforming to relevant specification. Specifications have been laid down for every stage of manufacturing operation and are to be complied with before moving to the next stage. Our Q.C. Laboratory will release batches to customers only after testing and approval.

As far as possible, digital equipments will be used. All the equipments will be subjected to periodic preventive maintenance and calibration. Only calibrated equipments will be allowed to be used for any measurement activity. Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) will be followed.
Time bound service, environmental protection, safety and cost economy aspects are in-built in the procedures. Periodic training and motivation are provided at every level.

Quality of our products is assured because of our systems, whereas, improvement is our promise through on going efforts backed by our R & D Centre.
High standard of Quality at low cost followed by efficient after sales service is our commitment to our esteemed customers.

(Vishwanath P. Shetty)

List of products & services
Bis (Triphenyl Phophine)   |   Benzonitrile   |   Bis Acetonytryl Palladium Chloride   |   Copper-Aluminium Alloy Powder (50:50)   |   Chloro Platinic Acid   |  
Devardas Alloy    |   Diammnine Palladium (II) Chloride   |   Lindlar Catalyst   |  Nickel-Aluminium Alloy Powder (30:70)   |   Nickel-Aluminium Alloy Powder (50:50)    |   Nickel Oxide. NIO    |   Palladium On Activated Charcoal (Carbon)   |   Palladium On Calcium Carbonate    |   Palladium On Barium Sulphate    |
Palladium On Alumina Balls
   |   Palladium On Silica    |  Palladium On Kieselguhr    |   Pearlman’s Catalyst    |   20 % Palladium Hydroxide On Carbon   |  
Platinum On Activated Charcoal (Carbon)
  |  Platinum Oxide, PTO2    |   Palladium Black   |  Palladium (II) Oxide, PDO    |  Palladium (II) Chloride, PDCL2 , Brick Red Powder   |   Palladium Acetate, Trimer [ PD (ch3coo) 2 ] 3    |   Potassium Tetrachloroplatinate    |   Potassium Hexachloroplatinate    |  
Palladium On Alumina Powder    |   Palladium Oxide    |   Silver On Alumina Balls    |   Tetrakis (Triphenyl Phosphine) Palladium (0), PD [( c6h5)3 p]4     |  
Raney Nickel Catalyst (Active)
   |   Raney Copper Catalyst     |   Ruthenium On Carbon    |   Raney Cobalt Catalyst    |   Ruthenium Trichloride, Hydrate
Filtration Of The Catalyst    |   Recycling Of The Catalyst    |   Reprocessing Of Spent Catalyst
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