Servicing For Catalysts, Supported Heterogeneous Catalysts, Palladium on Charcoal, Palladium Hydroxide On Charcoal, Palladium On Calcium Carbonate, Landler Catalyst, Palladium on Barium Sulfate, Mumbai,India.


List of products & services

Bis (triphenylphophine) palladium (II) chloride 20 % Palladium Hydroxide On Carbon
Benzonitrile Platinum On Activated Charcoal (Carbon)
Bis Acetonytryl Palladium Chloride Platinum Oxide, PtO2 snuff coloured powder
Copper-Aluminium Alloy Powder (50:50) Palladium Black
Devardas Alloy Palladium (II) Chloride, PDCL2 , Brick Red Powder
Diammnine Palladium (II) Chloride Palladium Acetate, Trimer [ PD (ch3coo) 2 ] 3
Nickel-Aluminium Alloy Powder (30:70) POTASSIUMHEXACHLOROPLATINATE
Nickel-Aluminium Alloy Powder (50:50) Palladium On Alumina Powder
Nickel Oxide. NIO Palladium Oxide
Palladium On Activated Charcoal (Carbon) Silver On Spherical Alumina Balls
Palladium On Calcium Carbonate Raney Nickel Catalyst (Active)
Palladium On Barium Sulphate Raney Copper Catalyst
Palladium On Spehrical Alumina Balls Ruthenium On Carbon
Palladium On Silica Ruthenium Trichloride, Hydrate
Palladium On Kieselguhr    
Pearlman’s Catalyst    
Filtration of the Catalyst Recycling Of The Catalyst Reprocessing Of Spent Catalyst
Filtration Of The Catalyst Recycling Of The Catalyst Reprocessing Of Spent Catalyst
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