Filtration Of The Catalyst

Filtration of the Catalyst
The catalytic process involving use of Palladium on Charcoal (a heterogeneous type of catalyst) the separation of catalyst from the products of the reaction is quite easy. Most of the catalyst particles after the stoppage of agitator, settles at the bottom of the reactor under the influence of gravity.

A small fraction constituting less than two / three percent may however remain in suspended form. The products of reaction being in liquid form can be subjected to filtration using nutch filter with filter cloth having pore size of less than 15 microns, A filter paper sheet may also be spread over the filter cloth to assist clear filtration.

Initially some catalyst particles may pass through filter cloth, Such portion of the filtered liquid should be subjected to refiltration, In case of small volumes, use of centrifuge may also be helpful for preventing loss of activity of the catalyst. Catalyst particles collected on filter cloth may be mixed with the bulk quantity of catalyst lying in the reactor. However It should be ensured that catalyst particles collected on the filter paper or filter cloth do not get dned up as dned particles may catch fire.

Use of filter-aid, viz fuller's earth should be avoided as far as possible, as it eliminates the prospects of recycling as well as reactivation of catalyst.
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